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  • I am drawing

Hello! I’m Harpy, the founder of the Animal and Plant Wiki. I love birds, all other animals (including bugs, bugs are animals too, you can’t convince me otherwise), and plants! I live in a place called ‘somewhere’, it’s very nice, by the way. Maybe you’d like to visit sometime. Anyways, you can ask me about random things and, as long as you’re not asking for any personal information or it’s something I don’t know, I’ll be glad to answer. Some things I enjoy are decorating for holidays, running, birdwatching, drawing, and gardening. I have two lovely pets- a cat and dog, if you know me well you’re sure to hear a lot about them! If you have a message for me, go to my Message Wall.

As the founder of the wiki, you may come to me with any concerns, questions, or problems you have on the Animal and Plant Wiki. I’ll try my best to help you. Goodbye, and have a great day!

Ah, tests. Could we do anything without experiments? I believe not. Everywhere is a place for tests. Experiments are a truly beautiful thing- I would not be here, typing this, if it wasn’t for careful experiments and code. Yes. Experiments are beautiful, they help us learn things we did not yet know. Wonderful, isn’t it? Yes. If you agree, type {{TEST BADGE}}.
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