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Komodo Dragons are very large lizards, with large, flexible tails, long pinkish tounges, and rough scales.  Useallly they are a dull greyish-brown once they mature.  But younger ones can be orange and yellow. 


Komodo Dragons are quite terrifying and powerful when it comes to hunting. When hunting they use their bone breaking and and their very powerful and sharp claws to shred open larger prey like horses. And even if the prey escapes, they are slowly still on the edge of death. The Komodo Dragons bite is full of venom, it will follow its prey for two days and then suddenly, they will collapse over, and they will either die from poison or the komodo will finish them off. Adults can also have brown or Red scales.


A female Komodo will lay 9-25 eggs and then leave them. Some of the eggs may get eaten by birds, monitor lizards, and even other Komodo Dragons. The young will all hatch and scatter, as they will all hunt and eat each other.  They spend their first years up in trees hunting birds and insects and also staying away from larger Komodos who can't climb up to eat them. After a few years they are old enough to live on the ground. males will search for mates and fight others for a female. They will mate and the life cycle starts over

Fun Facts[]

  • Komodo dragons were originally thought to have harmful bacteria in their mouths but it was later revealed they are poisonous. Making them the second lizard to be poisonous. The other is the Gila Monster.
  • Komodo's are the largest lizards in this time.
  • When being chased by larger predators, Komodos throw up to be able to run faster
  • Komodos can swim faster then humans!
  • Komodos can smell dead animals from five miles away, thats like you smelling a free milkshake from In'n'out, fifteen blocks from your house.
  • They can eat 80% of their body weight if they wanted to
  • Young hatchlings don't just go up in trees to avoid big bois, they also roll in poop to disguise their scent
  • George H.H was given a Komodo as a gift
  • Females can reproduce without a mate, meaning they could have two or more egg clutches in a lifetime (Meaning up to 18-50 eggs every year)
  • Only four people have died to Komodo's in 50 years
  • Komodos may look scary and mean but they are actually very playful! they have been showing throwing and kicking shoes and frisbees and tugging at shoelaces. They don't even do it for food in the zoo!