Animal and Plant Wiki

Read this guide after you join. You will be asked to review it if you have broken any rules.


  1. Be kind. The reasoning behind this rule is quite obvious.
  1. Use common sense. Someone undid your edit? Don’t freak out. They probably have good reasoning. If you believe your edit shouldn’t of been undone, contact the person and ask them nicely. Your page got deleted? Don’t freak out, etc., etc.
  1. Please do not discuss hunting. We respect your right to hunt, but others may be sensitive to the topic so it is asked you avoid it.
  1. Follow FANDOM’s Terms Of Use. Of course, you have to follow those. Here they are if you are not aware of them, although you should’ve read them when you first created your account: NOTE THAT YOU MUST BE 13 (16 in some places) TO USE THIS WIKI. This is FANDOM’S decision, not ours.
  1. Do not discuss politics, religion, drugs, etc. here. This is in place so hopefully no one gets offended.
  1. Please, only join this wiki if you are interested or want to learn more about plants and animals. After all, this is a wiki about animals and plants.
  2. No spam/flood. Spam and flood is very annoying, as I’m sure you know. So please, avoiding spamming and flooding.
  1. If a poweruser or someone else asks you to stop doing something, please stop. We try to avoid drama here and try to keep everyone happy. If it is reasonable that a person asks you to stop doing something, stop.
  2. If there is any drama happening between users in real life or off this wiki, DO NOT bring it up. As said, we try to avoid drama as much as possible.
  3. List all your alternate accounts you use on this wiki, even if it’s inactive. You can use any number of alts here, but please list them to avoid confusion.
  4. No trolling. Trolls are annoying. So please, do not troll.
  5. Don’t necropost. Necroposting is when you post on a “dead” thread, or a thread that hasn’t been replied to in awhile. Most users are annoyed by this, so it is advised you do not. If you want to know what warrants a thread as “dead”, please contact me or another poweruser.


How do I edit this wiki? You can fix grammar and spelling mistakes, create pages after asking for permission, and add information to pages. No one page belongs to anyone, and everyone is welcome to edit.

‘Types?’ What do you mean, ‘types?’ Type refers to what the animal is- a mammal, reptile, insect, etc.

‘Status?’ What? Status refers to the current position of the animal or plant- endangered, extinct, etc.

‘Life?’ What are you talking about? When we say ‘life’, it refers to how the animal grows up- does it stay in a nest until it fledges? Does it stay in a pack?

Can I post my OCs here? No. This is a wiki for all animals and plants that exist and have existed, not for characters.

If my page isn’t approved, but I still want to do something with it, where do I put it? On a blog, as long as your page wasn’t deemed inappropriate.

How do I customize pages? The customization rules of our wiki are as follows:


State the name of the animal, the type they are such as a mammal or reptile, and where they live.

Create a header. Call it ‘Appearance’. This, of course, is the section for the appearance.

Create a header. Call it ‘Diet’. This is where what the animal eats is placed.

Create a header. Call it ‘Lifespan’. Here, we will put the average lifespan of what the page is about.

Create a header. Call it ‘Life’. We will describe the average life of the animal here.

Create a header. Call it ‘Status’. This states whether or not the animal is endangered, extinct, etc.

Create another header. Call it ‘Fun Facts’. This is where we will share fun facts about the animal.

Create the last header. Call it ‘Resources.’ This is where we list all the resources we use (please save the links you use to get information.)

Add an Animals infobox at the top of the page in Visual Editor and fill as much of it at the time as you can out.


Add a header. Call it ‘Appearance.’

Add a header. Call it ‘Height.’

Add a header. Call it ‘Lifespan.’

Add a header. Call it ‘Fun Facts.’

Add a header. Call it ‘Resources.’

Add a Plant infobox at the top of the page.

(If you have any ideas for plant customization, please tell a poweruser.)