Animal and Plant Wiki

The Animal and Plant Wiki is a wiki about animals and plants. We try to provide correct, up-to-date information on our pages. Everyone is welcome to edit any page as long as it is a necessary edit. Ask a poweruser before creating a page.


Our pages’ formatting guidelines can be found here.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide correct information on as many plants and animals as possible, and to maintain a safe community for any lover of wildlife to enjoy and participate in.


Depending on what rule was violated, how many rules were, and how much someone violated a rule, bans will get longer the worse the violation, how much someone broke a rule, and how many rules were broken. Before a ban, you will get a warning. If you fail to follow that warning, that is when you will be blocked. It is rare someone will get an infinite ban.


There are many more ways you can contribute besides editing! On Discussions, you can discuss random, off-topic things, on-topic things, answer people’s questions, and ask questions! Discussions are a fun way to be involved in the community beyond editing. You can also chat to other community members on their Message Wall, which is another great way to be involved. Commenting on articles and blogs is good too. Also creating blogs on random subjects, in relation to the wiki or not! Chatting is wonderful too.

Message Wall Greeting

You can create a Message Wall Greeting by hitting the new page button, and typing in ‘Message Wall Greeting:Your Username Here’. You do not need permission to make a Message Wall Greeting page. Have a great day!