• ShriketheIceWing-SkyWing


    January 19, 2020 by ShriketheIceWing-SkyWing

    As of Jan. 19, 2020 I am a contentmod!

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  • HarpyEagle123

    Test coding

    December 5, 2019 by HarpyEagle123

    Welcome to the Animal and Plant Wiki!

    We have active users and edits! Woohoo!

    The is a wiki dedicated to providing good, up-to-date information on many animals and plants. Before creating a page, please contact an admin or content moderator to approve it. We try to get back to you as quick as possible, so be patient. Our pages are set up with the appearance, diet, places the creature or plant lives, lifespan, life, status (extinct, endangered, etc.), and some fun facts. If you have any suggestions for the wiki, put them here: . Have a wonderful day, and please check out our Wiki Rules before editing! Have any questions? Yours might be answered here, or here!

    Our wonderful t…

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  • HarpyEagle123


    December 1, 2019 by HarpyEagle123

    Flysparks were normal creatures, in the beginning.

    One day, something magical happened. They sprouted wings, and could breathe out sparks. These creatures of all different kinds separated from their original species, calling themselves flysparks. Eventually, they adapted to have the same structure: big eyes and feathered wings, a long, hooked snout, hand-like paws, small ears, long horns, tiny nostrils, fur, and lengthy, prehensile tails.

    The new creatures decided they could not live in the place they did. They could not live aside the other creatures, whom often ridiculed them. So the flysparks went out. They founded their own islands, and called them the Featherfire Islands.

    They developed their own language, Featherfirian, or Featherfire, …

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  • HarpyEagle123

    Birds are fun to watch and feed. But are you giving the birds in your yard food that is healthy for them? Here, we will go over the things that are fine for birds; and the things that are not.

    It’s a common misconception that bread is completely fine for birds- but this is false. Bread is rather horrible for them. It should be a rare treat.

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