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The Animal and Plant Wiki is a wiki dedicated to providing good, up-to-date information on many animals and plants. Our pages are set up with the appearance, diet, places the creature or plant lives, lifespan, life, status (extinct, endangered, etc.), and some fun facts. If you have any suggestions for the wiki, please put them here. Have a wonderful day, and please check out our Wiki Rules before editing! Have any questions? Yours might be answered here, or here!




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The Gila Monster is a reptile native to the USA. More specifically, they are found in the Mojave, Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts in the US. They are found in northwest Mexico as well...

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An animal is described as ‘a living organism characterized by voluntary movement’ by Thesaurus. We provide information on animals. Some popular animal pages on this wiki are:

Bengal Tiger

South African Cheetah


A plant is described as ‘a living organism lacking the power of locomotion’ by Thesaurus. Some popular plant pages on this wiki are:

Weeping Willow

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